Measuring computers

The computer model used is dependant on the applied measuring program and the number of required function modules as well as the connection to the machine.

All units dispose of webserver functions for remote control:
The human machine interface is like an internet server with its individual IP address. Status notifications as well as inputs and outputs are not done at the unit but at an external PC with ETHERNET interface and a browser program. The measuring device may be displayed through the PC browser program by inserting its address. Storing measuring values and parameter data is also done via the browser as data transfer with all possibilities that the PC offers. The measuring units have their own firewall in order to prevent unauthorized access via the ETHERNET interface.

QP300 Measuring Computer A&V 8817.655.0 in table housing
with 10,4" colour monitor with touchscreen, ext. VGA output, table case WxHxD 335x200x220, weight 5kg, power supply 115/230VAC 50/60Hz. 1 USB connection at the front, 2 USB connections at the back. 7 plugs for function modules.

Compact Measuring Computer A&V 8861 for control cabinet installation on top hat rail
without monitor, with VGA output, webserver function, top hat rail case WxHxD approximately 335x133x200, weight approximately 3kg, power supply 24VDC. 7 plugs for function modules.