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What we offer
The solution of metrological tasks for the industrial production control and quality control. This includes the development and production of highly precise electronical measuring and control devices for use in a factory.

Most of our devices contain a computer. For comprehensive functions this is basically a PC. For a limited functional range it is one or various microprocessors. In any case, a program is needed for the device to work.
Therefore, apart from the electronical subassemblies (so-called boards) and the mechanics for our devices, we also develop the programs for the processors contained in the units.


Assembling, soldering, testing of the electronical subassemblies.


Producing the mechanics, wiring, assembling and testing the devices.


Measuring and control devices:
We distinguish two groups:
Standard devices, which are serially offered.

Special units, which fulfill specific tasks. Mostly, these units are used for single solutions.
Also, specific measuring tasks can often be solved with standard devices. As support, we therefore offer our customers the project planning, i.e. the conversion of the task into the completed solution.


What is being measured?
In general, we are able to measure (almost) all physical parameters which may be determined by sensors and whose values may be transformed into electric signals.
Most frequently, our units are used for measuring length, torque and force.
Length: The most frequent measurement of lengths is in the range of up to 1mm, at which the definition is up to 0.0001mm.
Torque: Torques are usually measured by transducers with strain gauges. The measuring range is dependant on the transducer. The most frequent is the range of up to 50Nm.
Force: As with the torque, the recording of measuring values usually takes place with strain gauges. The most frequent is the measuring range between 10kN and 500kN.


Who needs what we offer?
All producers of quality products with high and highest requirements of production accuracy.
Companies producing for example turned, milled, pulled or punched serial parts, for which length, diameter, thickness and roundness need to be supervised.
Companies which assemble serial parts out of single components and which need to supervise torques, forces, mechanical clearance etc.
Companies manufacturing products which require documentation.


Where can you find what we offer?
For example in the metal-working and plastics processing industry and the automotive industry including automotive suppliers.