Living technics

Arndt & Voß GmbH supports activities that awaken young people’s interest in technical professions. At the trade fair „Mensch Tostedt" visitors had the chance to conduct easy experiments in the section „Education and Career“.
The units in use were Arndt & Voß standard units and measuring computers.

The experiment set-up „Levitating ball“ demonstrates the function of a PID controller.
The controller governs an electromagnet, creating a balance with the weight of the ferromagnetic test object and keeping it up in the air. By help of a lamp, the shadow of the test object is projected onto a solar cell. Proportional to its distance from the electromagnet, the solar cell provides more or less electricity due to the changed shadowing. The electricity is conveyed to the controller as position signal of the test object.
The microprocessor-controlled PID controller A&V 5326 is adjusted by means of a compact measuring computer A&V 8843 via a touchscreen visualisation surface.

See the amazing effect of freely levitating objects.

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