Eurocards with 64-pole VG plugs a-c.
Bus set-up as passive parallel system with 1:1 connections.
The Eurocards are equipped with front covers, which contain outward plug connectors.
The cards are plugged directly into the back of the insertion slide-in.
All external connections on the back of the insertion slide-in:
I/O and measurement inputs as well as interface directly from the Eurocards to the computer.
Digital inputs and outputs: max. 128/48 (Model 8830/8812)
Version optocoupler with Eurocards A&V 5304.
Version profibus with Eurocards A&V 5315/5327.
Mixed assembly possible.
Measuring amplifier inputs 16Bit definition: max. 48/12 (Model 8830/8812)
Version 4x inductive tracers with Eurocards A&V 5305.610
Version 4x input +/-10V with Eurocards A&V 5305.620
Version 1x strain gauge, 1x inductive tracer, 2x +/-10V with Eurocards A&V 5305.630
Mixed assembly possible.
Analogue output 12Bit definition:
Version 1x output +/-10V with Eurocard A&V 5314.630

Version USB with Eurocard A&V 5326.620/621: process control for complex measuring tasks, internal storage possible (16kB RAM-, 32kB EEPROM storage).
Version RS232 with Eurocards A&V 5316.620

Subsystem 8830.650.1
Insertion slide-in 19", 3HE.
Mains connection via firm back plane wiring.
Power supply voltage 230V, 50-60 Hz, max. 110VA, OPTION: 115VAC

Subsystem 8812.600.0 for control cabinet installation on top hat rail
Top hat rail case WxHxD approx. 170x130x240, weight approx. 2kg, power supply 24VDC.